Thursday, June 9, 2011

Top Ten X-Men Yet to Get The Film Treatment

Pictured: Two and a Half People on this List

Well X-Men First Class is pretty good. If you haven't seen it yet, just watch the previews. Every major scene is there. But man, even after five movies, they have barely scratched the surface as far as the available mutants go. So without further ado, here's ten of the best hundred or so characters who have yet to find the big screen.

Multiple Fail

Characters who need another shot: Deadpool, Shadowcat, and Multiple Man
Ok, so there's a little more ado. Since the majority of the X-Men movies haven't been too good, many of the characters haven't been too hot either. While Ryan Reynolds was great in his short time as Wade Wilson, we never get to see him turn into Deadpool and do any of his fourth wall shenanigans. Shadowcat is one of the strongest female characters in American comics, and possibly the only one to never been slutified. In X3, she's nothing more than a smart mouthed kid. And Multiple Man is easily the greatest character in mutantdom as a private investigator who multiplies whenever he gets hit. But again in X3, he's a throw away villain with no characterization. These characters all need a second chance on film. On to the new blood.

10. Dr. Nemesis
He's actually one of the oldest mutants around, being a re-tooled character from the Golden Age of Comics. When he is not hunting Nazi clones, Dr. Nemesis spends his time belittling his teammates. His mutant power is  the ability to see the flaw in any argument. He would actually be one of the smartest people in the world if he wasn't so arrogant. Despite being a "hero", he does a great job pulling the team down and making everyone feel bad about themselves. Basically, he is a very realistic comic book character.

9.  Longshot
If you are making a movie about a comic, might as well have a movie star from that comic in that movie. Longshot is an action star from an alien universe that has plenty of pouches (little known fact, he was the first comic character to actually show where he pulled his weapons from) and mullet to go around. The Four-Fingered Fury also has the really cool ability to manipulate luck. The only problem with him is almost everything about him involves the Mojoverse, a killer TV network ran by a cyber Jabba the Hut, and that doesn't quite lend itself well to film. However, a surreal work like his 1985 mini-series would be quite the treat to watch.

8. Strong Guy
Lame name, cool everything else. The name is actually a bit misleading, since he is only as strong as the person he is fighting.  However, just his name, Guido Carosella, and his ripped body is enough to bring in the Jersey Shore crowd. Add the fact that he loves jokes and ripping down his teammates (It really must be horrible to be on the X-Men), and we have a movie. The only thing we need is an actor. While I'll be happy with an unknown playing every other character on this list, Strong Guy MUST be played by professor wrestler Scott Steiner.

7. Daken
Wolverine ages super slow, travels the world, and loves the ladies, so it is no surprise he has a Japanese son. How he just found out is a different story, but Wolverine is not exactly father of the year. Therefore, Daken hates him. Since he retains all of dad's powers, Daken is the Evil Wolverine. He is also (coincidently?) the Gay Wolverine, as he often seduces his way into power. While I've never been a big fan of the evil twin types, Daken is actually pretty smartly written and pretty all around ruthless. Besides, the suites love shoving Wolverine down our throats, why not give them a second one to work with? Also, he is even a bigger drinker than his dad somehow.

6. Quicksilver
This speedster is one of the best examples of an anti-hero, during a time when that word gets thrown around way too much. He's not just a good guy, who will occasionally kill a bad guy. He thinks and acts differently from the rest of the group, has all around questionable motives, and does bad stuff to achieve good ends. After all, he began life as a bad guy, being Magneto's son and part of the original Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, and while he became a hero, he still thinks like a villain. He's everywhere at once, both physically and metaphorically. There's great stuff to work with here. However, there has been some debate on what will happen to him. While he began as an X-Man, he is best known as an Avenger, and two different studios have the rights to those. Even though Fox's latest outing was much better, I still rather go he go to Marvel Studios.

5. Fantomex
In the world of X-Men, it is hard to come across a weird character. Yet here we go. One of the newest members to the X-crew, Fanomex is a pathological liar who pretends to be French. His mutant ability is the power of misdirection. His genetics also prevent him from believing in God. Nope, that isn't a personal preference, he says it is because of his blood type. He is very handy with weapons, but not as handy as he is with EVA, his alien nervous system that lives inside his mouth that he can spit out into the form of an UFO. He also has multiple brains, but enough to fix his color blindness. And he loves quoting DC's Watchmen.

4. Cable
Here's one of the more popular X-characters. He would be at the top of the list, but his back story is so confusing, it's a safe bet we will never see him on the big screen. I mean, Fox is having trouble explaining...aging. Anyway, Cable is the part-cyborg, time traveling son of Cyclops. Since comic books are required to have bleak futures, Cable grew up on the battlefield and uses his war experience to help train the current generation. Meh, he had me at time traveling cyborg. 

3. Psylocke
So, as I was doing research for this (don't worry, I won't make a habit of backing stuff up with facts) I found out that an unnamed villain from X3 with none of Psylocke's powers was referred to as her by director Brett Ratner. Nope, doesn't count. At least Multiple Man had some traits of himself in that movie. This British girl was turned into a Japanese girl by a ninja clan (not The Hand, The Vapors). She has telekinesis, which isn't the most exciting power, but she had the added cool ability of generating psi-swords, psi-armor, and other cool psi-crap. Basically, she is a psychic ninja. She is a very strong female lead and already has a huge following in UK, in Japan, and among anyone who played one of the old Capcom fighting games. Speaking of which...  

2. Sentinels
How have the Sentinels not appeared in a X-Men movie yet? Say what you will about X3, but it at least had the eyes of a Sentinel, even if it was a hologram. Sentinels are the ultimate bad guys of the X-Men world, as they are built to do nothing more than to kill mutants. They also come in all models and makes. You have the classic giant variety, the even bigger than giant ones, the smaller but much more dangerous Nimrod models, the life-like Bio-Sentinels, the miniature fodder drones, and of course the super unbalanced MVC3 types that spam the same move over and over. Again, every comic book future is bleak, and most of the time, it is because of these guys. Sentinels unite all mutants, and give us one giant scale fight for the ages.

1. Domino  
Domino has the power to manipulate luck, which is a lot like Longshot can do much higher on this list. However, Domino doesn't have the persona of a robotic action star. She is a bounty hunter who has made a ton of enemies in the past, and she often forgets about them until they show up blowing up her door step. She walks the fine line between contract killer and klutz, and the only luck she has is dumb luck. Actually, most of her victories came from freak accidents after she surrendered and sold out her team. Again, with friends like these. However, she isn't number one for no reason. She has a very interesting life story and some of the best relationships, namely with Cable and Wolverine. More creativity is put into how her powers play out than in most entire comics. And she is just an all around adorable character. But very deadly.


  1. Wow, great list you have here. I'm not a fan of any of the characters created during Liefeld's stint on Marvel, but I love what they did with those characters (Cable, domino). I totally remember Longshot from back when the New Mutants was still fresh. That was a really good comic book.

  2. i havent even heard of these characters, they need more publicity

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  6. I WANT DEADPOOL! And he dam well better be breaking the 4th wall...

  7. You know I had that same question about the Sentinals myself. But I really want to see Crossed get the hollywood treatment.

  8. I would like to see Fantomex, that's surprising that they haven't portrayed him yet.

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  9. I'd like to see the real, cosmic, Phoenix/Jean Grey

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  12. i havent even heard of these characters

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  15. I can't wait for the day Cable winds up on the big screen, and I'd love to see a movie centered around the Sentinels but I think that the Sentinels are more a symbol of the older style of X-Men stories, and arent really fit for a movie role at the moment.

  16. I'd watch a movie based around Psylocke. I like the MvC reference(s) btw.

  17. I would like to see the sentinals in the next X-men movie. that would be soooo ocool! they also need to make an X-men movie that is like as long as the Lord Of the Rings movies. I would love the detail they could put into 3 hours , rather then 1.5 hours.