Saturday, June 25, 2011

Opening This Week: Toy Ads

First off, I am at a big job interview out of town. So sorry my posts have been less frequent this week (and it will probably be worse once I get my dream job). But I'll get to your comments soon. I also haven't had the time to see any movies lately. But I'm not missing much this week.

Cars 2 -- The sequel to what was by far the worse Pixar movie. Everyone knows Up is the best Pixar movie, but a grumpy old guy doesn't exactly make toys fly off the shelf. So there's a new Cars instead. Also, keep in mind, Monsters Inc 2 is next for Pixar, so with Toy Story 3, that is three sequels in a row from a company that prides itself on originality. I have no clue how much this is going to make at the box office with the way things are going. And remember, great Pixar movies like Wall-E and Ratatouille were relative failures compared to their budget.

But let's be honest. If Cars wasn't a Pixar film, this would be a movie starring Owen Wilson and Larry the Cable Guy. They should be lucky anyone saw this.

Bad Teacher  -- I'm torn on this movie. I love Jason Segel but I hate Cameron Diaz. I love the director (Walk Hard: The Dewy Cox Story) but I hate the writers (Year One). I love Justin Timberlake's acting, but I hate everything else about him. I don't know, but the other Hard-R comedies this summer look so much better.

A Better Life --  A gritty and realistic, as well as critically acclaimed so far, look at a father in a LA barrio trying to keep his son away from gangs. And this is all from the director of the Golden Compass and Twilight New Moon. Huh?

Conan O'Brien Can't Stop -- A documentary about a post-Tonight Show, pre-TBS Conan. I love Conan and all, but his new show is so sloppy and unfunny. Except for his skit Tyler Perry's Row 11. Great irony.

Turtle: The Incredible Journey -- One of those animal migration documentaries that are all the rage now (it's a sea turtle. The journey of a desert tortoise would be the worst documentary ever). The big shocker here? This is the first ever film produced by SeaWorld.


  1. I don't get why they had to make a sequel. The first was not just the worst Pixar movie, but it was one of the worst CGI movies in general.

  2. cars is so stupid, they are talking cars

  3. I was interested in A Better Life, until I heard who it's director was. Maybe I'll check it out. Maybe.

  4. i hate cars, by boyfriends talk about cars all the time haha:P

    thanks that you loving pink on me

    New outfit post ; Blue blue sky!

  5. I'm tired of seeing these Cars, pun intended.

  6. Owen Wilson and Larry the Cable Guy doing the voices still?? Please shoot me.