Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Meet the New Superman

Here's the old Superman. One of the most iconic images in American art. You probably did not forget what he looks like, but I guess the comic writers at DC did forget.

DC is going to be rebooting their entire comic line. All of their current ongoing issues will be renumbered at #1, including Supe's Action Comics which is currently at #901 after a 73 year run. But that is not a bad thing. They will also be cantering more aggressively towards the digital market. Again, a very smart decision. And while nobody really knows the extent of the reboot, they will be cutting out much of the junk and confusion that 70 years of being published tends to create. They are aiming at new comic book readers, and that is a good thing.

Two things however. One, it is kinda a weird time to do this, right when their biggest movie in years is coming out. Does that means DC has no faith in Green Lantern doing good? Or is the movie going to end with the universe being destroyed? I guess they are hoping fans of the film would go out and buy Green Lantern #1, but the reboot doesn't go into effect until August, so they would be buying one of the last issues of Green Lantern instead. And I'm sure they will say the movie will not affect the comic, but they always do. Just all around poor timing.

Second, they are redesigning many of the characters. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but if you have stupid redesigns like DC is doing...

Here's the new Superman. Work boots? Check. Well worn jeans? You better believe it. Glowing red eyes? Why not. Skin tight Superman t-shirt? Sure. Bulging hairy arms? Genius. Science defining shadow? Artful. Cape? Yes, but not a full cape. Maybe just half a cape. Actually, let's go with just a quarter cape.

That's our new Superman. The scariest part? So far, he is the most subtle redesign. Did I mention the new Batman is black and wears a blue and purple suit? Or that the new Robin is actually dressed as a robin? Or that the new Superboy is a Tron robot that is dressed like a tool? Or that every girl, including the ones they recently gave a more modest redesign, are now even more slutified?

The new DC isn't looking too hot. The only good news: like any other big comic event, in 16 months or less it will all be back to normal.


  1. I was hoping to use this as a jumping back into comics point...

  2. Have no fear superman is here!

  3. Hey Superman, put back your red underwear dammit.

  4. I can't judge by just that picture, but you know what, I'm for it. Sometimes change is a good thing.

  5. You always have the most interesting movie news. I want to frame some of the original comic books as keepsakes.


  6. am i going crazy, im seeing blue!

  7. It appears that DC is going through a mid life crisis.

  8. Meh, even comic book heros are becoming commercialized.

  9. Why does Superman look like Plumber Joe?

  10. "Did I mention the new Batman is black and wears a blue and purple suit?"

    He is whatnow? And wears what? What?

    No, really. What?

    ... Are ye yankin' my chains or something?