Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New to VHS 6/7

Here are the new videos you can own today. I got you the Amazon link too. Notice, most of these link to the DVD version, because most of these aren't available on just Blu-Ray. Most of these are only on those stupid Blu-Ray/DVD Combo packs. Because we all remember how successful those DVD/VHS combo packs were.

True Grit -- A remake of a John Wayne Western that has been Coenified and Dudeified. This was a very good movie, and I'm very surprised it took this long for i to hit video. All the other Oscar nominees seemly hit the store shelves two days after the Academy Awards. Well this was better than most of them anyway.

Green Lantern: Emerald Knights -- A couple short Green Lantern tales interwoven into a big story. They did the exact same thing with Batman: Gotham Knights right before the Dark Knight came out. While DC hasn't quite gotten the live-action film down, they put out some great animated movies, and I'm sure this is one of them.

Superman Anthology -- Speaking of DC, they got this beast out on Blu-Ray today. Eight discs containing all five movies in addition to the famous Donner Cut of Superman 2. That leaves two more discs just for extra features. Definitely a gift for the die-hards.

Sanctum -- aka that movie that had James Cameron's name all over it, despite him having nothing to do with it. People get stuck in a cave and go crazy. No aliens or albino eye-less monsters anywhere in sight. It really sounds pretty good, and it's apparently one of the better 3-D movies out there. I guess that means there are more than two scenes that actually use 3-D.

Just Go With It -- Adam Sandler tries to trick Jennifer Aniston into thinking he's still relevant. Judging by its box office gross, I don't think it worked.

Happy Gilmore -- Adam Sandler's best film is out on Blu-Ray (is it really for the first time?) in hopes people may see this, forgot his past five films, and pick up Just Go With It. Also out today are Billy Madison and Bulletproof.

Breaking Bad Season 3 -- The best show on TV which has been on break for waaay too long. We are a little over a month away from Season 4. So make sure you watch this and be up to date of the cliff hanger at the end.

Burn Notice Season 4 -- The second best show on TV. Sadly, Season 4 wasn't exactly its best season.

White Collar Season 2 -- Own Season 2 for $30, or own Seasons 1 and 2 for $34. Why couldn't Amazon have this great of a deal with Breaking Bad?    


  1. Some solid releases. Watching Breaking Bad season 3 right now actually, for the second time. First 5 minutes of Ep 1 still gets me.

  2. I just watched this movie the other night, I wasn't a huge fan of it to be honest :\ probably a 4 out of 10? yeah.

  3. havent seen it yet but ill do it

  4. Looks not so cool;) haha
    not my thing:)
    thanks for the comments all the time
    like that


  5. DC makes some of the best animated movies in the world.