Friday, July 8, 2011

Opening This Weekend: Horrible Bosses and Horrible Movies

Horrible Bosses -- This is the most excited I've been for a non-Marvel movie in a long while. Three friends what to kill their bosses, who are presumably horrible. Film critics are calling this 9 to 5 for men. In other news, film critics missed the point of 9 to 5.

 This is getting great reviews, and it has an amazing cast. Charlie Day is playing a guy that makes me crack up every time I see him. Jason Bateman is playing a successful upper-middle class white guy with minor family problems aka every Jason Bateman character ever. Jason Sudeikis is playing a talented guy who should finally have his big break away from SNL. Kevin Spacey is playing a bad guy, the role he is best at (until he plays NHL commissioner Gary Bettman. But I guess he'll still be a bad guy). Jamie Foxx plays a brooding black guy. Donald Sutherland, Colin Farrell, Ron "The Best of the Blue Collar Comedy guys" White, and Bob Newhart all play... somebody. And of course there's Jennifer Aniston in what is shaping up to be the role of her career. To top it all off, this is being directed by Seth Gordon, who did the best documentary ever, The King of Kong. Two-time Donkey Kong world champ Steve Wiebe even has a role in this. If there are still any doubts, look no further than how long I've rambled on about this.

Zoo Keeper -- I really do like Kevin James, but this movie looks horrible. This was green-lit after Mall Cop became a runaway success. While I like Mall Cop more than most people would say, it was only a hit because it was released during one of the biggest movie droughts ever. Going up against Transformers? It doesn't stand a chance. At least they didn't blow Kevin James being fat out of proportion this time. He really isn't that big, and wore a fat suit for parts of Mall Cop.

The Ward -- The first film from horror master John Carpenter in ten years. The verdict...maybe he should have stuck to loaning out his old movies for remakes.

Ironclad -- Medieval film with an odd cast and a poorly thought out budget (they spent so much on the castle exterior, they couldn't afford to have anything inside). It wouldn't look too bad if it came out a a few years before Lord of the Rings. But now, compared with Game of Thrones, it looks like something SyFy would avoid.

The Chameleon -- A FBI agent searches for a missing kid after yadda yadda yadda. This looks so similar to The Changeling, they decided to practically give it the same name.

The Ledge -- A cop talks a jumper off a ledge. Apparently, it is Saw minus the gore. It is also apparently Saw minus the good, and Saw wasn't exactly swimming in surpluses of that to begin with.


  1. You know, Zookeeper wasn't really that bad. I got free tickets last night and I won't say I thought it was great, but it was definitely enjoyable. Much better than some other comedies I've seen this year, such as Dilemma and How Do You know.

  2. Actually looking forward to see how well Horrible Bosses is pulled off.

  3. Just finished watching The Ward, I have mixed feeling about it. Liked Horrible bosses though.

  4. I didnt know Kevin James wore a fat suit for Mall Cop. so weird! guess he is not really that fat. But I'm still not going to see Zoo Keeper.

  5. Can't wait to hear your verdict of Horrible Bosses. It looks like the only movie with Jennifer Aniston worth watching since Office Space.

  6. Paul Blart was mediocrity at its best. Zookeeper is just laughable. Not the movie itself - the concept. People will produce ANYTHING. I can't tell you how many old people in my office are so excited about Zookeeper... ugh...

  7. I'mma watch this next week!

  8. Horrible Bosses was kind of a letdown.

    Had some decent parts in it, but felt mostly empty.

    I'd still watch it 100 times in a row before I'd see Zoo Keeper. You would have to pay me to see that movie.

  9. I'm looking forward to seeing it, Charlie is hilarious, and I hope he kills it on this too.