Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Box Office Round Up: Make That Box Office Clean Up

Hello everyone. I hope you all had great Fourth of July weekends. However, I'm sure none of us had as good of a weekend as Paramount and Hasbro did.

Despite seemingly everyone in the world hating Transformers 2: Electric Boogaloo, The Dark of the Moon made bank and then some at the box-office.

Transformers 3 made $65 million just on Wednesday and Thursday, $97 million more on the weekend, and an extra $19m on Independence Day, for a grand total of $181 million. And that is just America. The rest of the world -- most of which was not celebrating a holiday -- added in another $237 million, bringing the worldwide total to $418 million! Did I mention the movie has been out for six days?

This is the biggest 4th of July opening ever, beating Transformers 1, Spider-Man 2, War of the Worlds, Twlight, and a ton of Will Smith movies. This is also the biggest opening of the year by far. Amazingly, this is down slightly from Transformers 3, which made $200m domestically by the end of its first June weekend. It dropped like a rock after that, but not before it made $402m US/ $836m WW. Since this is actually getting some positive reviews -- and it's in 3D! -- this has a good chance of catching its predecessor. T2 sits at 25th all time worldwide and 11th in the USA.

T3 was also made with a slightly smaller budget as well ($195m), and that is partially because Michael Bay reused footage from his stinker The Island in this.

Number two was Cars 2. Despite being on more screens than Transformers, it had a pathetic showing. $32 million over four days for a 60% drop from its opening weekend. It sits at $123m in the US, $202 Worldwide (not yet earning back its budget), and at 35% at Rotten Tomatoes. The mighty have fallen.

Bad Teacher was number three with $17m. It has now tripled its budget.

Larry Crowne opened fourth with $15m. Seeing as that stars Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts, it's not even close to the casting budget yet.

Super 8 is hanging on $9m. Monte Carlo opened sixth with $8m. And Green Lantern is number seven in its third week, bringing in seven and change for the big weekend. It is now at $137 million WORLDWIDE!  My condolences to anyone who owns Warner Bros stock.


  1. Nice post, thanks!
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  2. It's amazing how everyone bashes Transformers, yet the movies make so much money. Clearly Michael Bay knows how to make films movie goers want to see. Aside from The Island, has he directed a flop?

  3. Great post, really interesting to see transformers 3 doing so well

  4. Not surprised that Transformers is doing that well, there's not much else to see at the moment.

  5. i saw it this wkend and of course it was as expected, great and action packed! +followed

  6. Awesome post! I think that when you consider the options, there's no wonder Transformers was such a hit this weekend! Although, I want to see Bad Teacher-and have you heard anything about Something Borrowed?


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  7. Didn't see it yet... alphabetalife.blogspot.com