Sunday, July 17, 2011

Box Office Round Up: Harry Potter and the Gobs of Cash

Pictured: Nightmares 

Big upset at the box office this weekend: Harry Potter 7 part 2 was #1. It made a decent profit of $168 million. That is ten million more than the Dark Knight, which previously held the domestic record. It also shattered the record for best international opening weekend, with $307 million overseas. Believe it or not, some movie which people are already forgetting about - Pirates 4 - was the old record holder with $260 million. And of course, by the magic of addition, Harry Potter also has the worldwide opening weekend record with $475 million.

Might as well keep the records coming. Friday alone, this made $92 million in the USA, which is up $20m from Twilight (aka Harry Potter with vampires. And written by a three year old). In Harry's home United Kingdom, it brought in a country best $36.6m, and it also set a national record with $26.7m in Australia. When it surpasses a half billion dollars tomorrow, it would be the fastest film to ever do so.

One final record: All eight Harry Potter movies have now combined for $6,847,600,000! That is 2.6 billion more dollars than the Star Wars franchise. I believe they have sold a couple Harry Potter books as well. Basically, J.K. Rowling has so much money, she could build a 1:1 replica of Hogwarts out of British pounds, only to set it on fire to keep her twelve other 1:1 replicas of Hogwarts warm.    

Number two was Transformers ($21m), which has built a nice domestic lead with $302 million overall. Harry will catch it though, just like in Quidditch.Then everything else would mean nothing, just like in Quidditch. It's a weird sport.

Horrible Bosses was third with $17m and $60m on the year. Zookeeper had $12m for fourth. Cars 2 was fifth with $8m and $165m on the year. And coming in sixth is Winnie the Pooh with $8m in its opening weekend *plays Price is Right failure music*. I don't think anyone even knew this was opening.


  1. Yep. Not a surprise about Potter. Everyone says it's so good, I almost want to see it. I'm just not into Potter. I saw a few of the films, but it didn't interest me. I'm more so interested in Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones.

  2. Yeah no surprise there and it was actually quite good.

  3. Dunno if i'll bother going to see it :-/

  4. It's nice that it happened to a GOOD movie.