Sunday, May 1, 2011

Box Office Round Up: Fastest Fast Yet

Just a quickie today, and probably all this week. Yay Finals.

Fast Five was number one at the box office. No surprise there, but its gross is shocking. $83.6 million! That's $12M more than the previous best for the franchise, and a sure sign that 6 Fast 6 Furious is right around the corner. I would imagine speeding related deaths was also on the rise this weekend.

Unimaginative CGI throw-together #173452, also known as Rio, held on to second with a mere $14.4 million. That is about a SEVENTY-MILLION dollar drop out between first and second, which just has to be a record.

Rio is last week's news however (EDIT: make that two weeks ago), and it wasn't a good week for the rest of the new releases.

Prom was fifth with $5 million, 63% of its budget, while Hoodwinked 2 was sixth with $4 million, or 13% of its budget. And bringing up the pack is Dylan Dog: Dead of Night. While only on 875 screens (Fast Five was on 3600), Dylan Dog made a sad $885,000 -- good enough for 16th on the weekend. It definitely had a few dead nights.


  1. i didnt know it came out yet :O

  2. time to drive around town like a crazed motorist!

    hate watching anything with car chase scenes, i try to relive them..dont work out

  3. i never liked the fast and furious series

  4. i can't believe people are still watching the sequels to this movie; i stopped after the first one :/

  5. i still need to see this! i went to the theater opening day, and it was sold out, all showings, all weekend.. so pissed