Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Hey everyone. My name is Jeff, and I feel like trying my hand at this blog game one more time.

I'll keep this short, and I'll try not to make any of my stuff too long. This blog will be mainly about movies, with nods to TV, games, music, books, people, hockey etc. too. The main focus will be comparing sequels and similar series. Expect lots of cage fights between two films.

There are a ton of great movies out there that people do not like, and I have no idea where the hate comes from. My only guess is too many people are persuaded by the media and by what's popular and what's cool to hate. Well, take off your nostalgia glasses and be persuaded by this media.

Feel free to comment, argue, bitch, moan, whine, or whatever, just make sure you back up whatever you say. Also, feel the opposite-of-free to click on the ads. Thanks. Enjoy.

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